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11 Benefits of Using Shower Head Water Filters

Shower Head Water Filters

If you thought that using shower head water filters on your shower is a mere gimmick to lure the public into spending more money, it is time to think again. Installing a shower filter is becoming a necessity these days with the quality of water degrading day by day. A shower filter is basically an equipment that is fitted inside the shower head which serves various functions and purifies the water before it comes in contact with your skin. We will be discussing more about the type of shower filters and some benefits of installing shower head filters which will help you understand their importance in your day to day lives.

Types of shower head filters

There are three main types of shower filters available in the market:

1. Granular Activated Carbon Filter

This type of filter uses activated carbon to neutralize the chemicals present in the shower water. It is the most common type of shower filters you can find in the market. These sprite filters are very effective at removing chlorine.

2. KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) Filter

The KDF filters create a negative and positive charge to remove chlorine, lead, mercury, and other harmful elements from the water. They use equal parts of zinc and copper to create this redox reaction.

3. Vitamin C Filter

Shower Head Filters

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This type of filter uses vitamin C to remove chlorine and chloramines from the shower water. They also remove sediments from water and are the most preferable shower filters out of the three types. My personal favorite Vitamin C Filter is the Sonaki brand vitamin C filter.

In addition to this, the other criteria for categorizing shower filters are the location they are fitted in and the installation type. Most shower filters are fitted just above the shower head but some are also fitted in the tank through which water comes to the shower. On the basis of their fitting procedure, shower filters can be divided into magnetic and electronic filters.

11 Main Benefits of Using Shower Head Water Filters

1. They remove the bacteria residing in the showerheads

Shower Head Filter Benefits

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In due course of time, millions of bacteria begin to breed in the nooks and crannies of your shower head and when you use the shower water directly coming from the shower head, these bacteria also land up on you. A shower filter kills 99% of these bacteria and only delivers pure water to you so this is one of the most important shower filter benefits.

2. Make your skin feel softer and younger

One of the biggest advantages of using a shower filter is that your skin will become softer and younger after each use as most of these contaminants present in the water can dry out the skin and cause wrinkles. Elements like lead, chlorine, and chloramines can be really harmful for the skin and can lead to dryness and fine lines if you expose your skin to contaminated water regularly.

3. Using shower filters reduces the risk of some cancers

Studies have shown that the skin absorbs the chlorine present in unfiltered water and continuous absorption can lead to increased cancer risk. Scientists have also said that exposure to chlorinated water is more dangerous than drinking unfiltered tap water.

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4. Prevent chlorine and chloramines inhalation

These shower filters also reduce the chances of inhalation of chlorine and chloramine compounds while showering. This helps to reduce exposure to deadly compounds present in the water. Chloramines are the new compounds of chlorine used in water treatment which do not have any smell so they are even more harmful than chlorine if inhaled.

5. Shower filters prevent contamination of the air inside your homes

When you step outside the shower and leave the door open, the contaminants suspended in the air enter the air inside your rooms and can cause many other issues for other members of the house as well especially if you have a baby or an elder in the house with low immunity. Installing shower filters in your home showers improve the indoor air quality of your home significantly.

6. Regular use improves the quality of your hair

Shower Filter for Hair Loss

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Have you ever wondered why your hair feels rough and dry without any shine? You can blame this on the chlorinated water as it absorbs the natural moisturizing oils from the scalp. This leads to dull and dry hair over a period of time and can also lead to hair fall if the water is hard in your locality so using a shower filter for avoiding hair loss is a must.

7. Filtered water reduces fatigue and improves the energy levels

Chlorinated water is known for causing fatigue and installing a shower filter to remove chlorine helps to bring your lost energy levels back. There are many studies which prove that using a shower filter for hard water can make you feel energetic and healthy in just a few weeks. It also improves your immunity in the long run.

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8. They are extremely cost-effective and are easy to replace

If you are thinking that installing shower head water filters is expensive and they can be difficult to replace, you are wrong. Most shower filters are extremely affordable and provide sufficient protection from the harmful effects of unfiltered water. They also last for quite some time and are easy to replace once they begin to lose their filtering ability.

9. Installing a shower filter reduces respiratory problems

Inhaling chlorine continuously during showering can lead to the development of symptoms of asthma and bronchitis in adults as well as children. Eliminating chlorine from water can reduce this risk and prevent your lungs from getting damaged. Other trace elements present in hard water also post a health hazard if not removed from the water with the help of these filters.

10. Shower filters reduce excessive product build-up in your bath area

These shower filters are not only very beneficial for your overall health but are also great for your bathroom. Using unfiltered water regularly for showering leads to chlorine and salt build-up in the nozzles as well as the bathroom corners. Using a filter will remove all this build-up beforehand so you do not have to clean your shower area every week.

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11. Reduce allergies and rashes in delicate areas of the body

Shower Filter Benefits

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You might think that including a gentle intimate wash for the delicate areas of your body will solve all concerns regarding infections and itching but your shower water might be the actual culprit. If you are experiencing itching and rashes in the delicate areas of your body where the skin is sensitive, installing a shower filter might give you a lot of relief.

So these are some of the main shower head filter benefits which will help you understand why these filters are a must-have for your home. It is a cheap and effective way to keep your shower water clean and germ-free so every bathroom will definitely benefit from having one of these shower head water filters!